World record catfish, the largest catfish caught ever

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world record catfish

Catfish is a marine or freshwater fish, having whiskers around the mouth. Catfish are the most abundant species of fish in the world. There are now almost 3000 species of catfish all around the world. In the past, many record catfish was found but later all those records were broken when other catfishes were found.

Catfish normally vary in size smallest species ranging from 4-5 centimetres in length while the largest and heaviest catfish species extending to 4.5 meters to 15 feet in length.

Cat fishing

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Record Catfish:

There are numerous records of the largest and heaviest catfish being caught in various parts of the world. Some of them the listed below however, it is still believed that catfish can grow even longer and heavier.

The flathead catfish was found in September 2005, surpassing the previous record of 78 pounds flathead catfish caught in the Cape Fear River.

On June 18, 2011, Nick Anderson in North Carolina reeled with 143 pounds. Earlier in 2011, catfish was caught in Buggs Island Lake weighted in at 109 pounds.

Later, a Catfish found in June 2016 in Lake Gaston. It was a huge catfish with 121 pounds, 9- ounce blue catfish and this broke the previous record of catfish that was 117 pounds, 8- ounce blue catfish,  in Lake Gaston, which straddles the North Carolina-Virginia border, it was also known as a “home to some massive catfishes”.  The Agencies says that all these fishes were caught using a big cat fever fishing rod.

On February 7, 2012, a 136 pounds catfish was recorded in a commercial fishing trotline in Lake Moultrie. It was 56 inches long and it was the biggest fish ever recorded in California.

Primary species of catfish:

The main and popular categories of catfishes are listed below.

Blue catfish:

This catfish also has other common names including Mississipi White Catfish. These are primarily large river fish that are typically found in the main channels of the major river system. They have 30-35 rays on the anal fin and have an estimated lifespan of 20-30 years.

Channel catfish:

It typically spots olive-brown or stale colour, often with hues of blue or grey on the sides. They also have white to silver-white bellies and undersides. These popular in the United States.

Flathead catfish:

Flathead is commonly found to be a yellow colour that is why their common name is “yellow cat”. However, their skin is often a mixture of yellow and olive-brown with pale yellow undersides. They have smooth skin without any scales, long and sharp spines on the back and also cat-like whiskers around the mouth region.

Blackfin shark catfish:

The Blackfin shark, the Columbian shark is also known as a catfish. It grows quite within a large aquarium. It reaches up to 6 feet in length.

World record catfish:

The world recorded catfish ever caught by a fisherman is 646 pounds or 293 kilograms. It is the largest freshwater fish ever recorded with the size of a grizzly bear. It took 5 boatmen and an hour to pull it in and 10 men to wrestle this monster into their pontoon boat. It is 8.9 foot long giant catfish founded in the Mekong River of Thailand.

The Mekong giant catfish is considered among the world’s most threatened catfish species. Officials from Thailand’s Inland Fishery used performance-enhancing drugs to stimulate the pituitary gland of the female fish. Despite efforts to keep bear size catfish alive, it died and later eaten by the villagers. It was told that it tasted soft, sweet and mild. These giant catfish attract high prices in Thailand because eating fish is considered as good luck there. 

World record blue catfish:

The blue catfish is the largest species of North American catfish. Their length is about 25-46 inches. It can easily live up to 20 years. Blue catfish are heavy-bodied, bluish-grey.

Blue catfish angler, Zack Royce pull a record in setting blue catfish in December 2015 with a 91 pounds fish but the record was again broken by himself after less than 24 hours with a blue catfish of 105 pounds. After this, it was uncommon for him to spend 72 hours straight on the water so that he could find a bigger one as he was ready for anything.

The current world record blue catfish is a 143- pound monster that was caught in Kerr Lake, 2011, Virginia although there is another recorded catfish that was 141.75 pounds which were also caught in Buggs Island, Virginia.

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