Everything You Need to Know About Best Times to Fish

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The best times to fish is very essential to know, in case of fishing. As we all know that weather, tides conditions affect the behavior of the species, and fish are too influenced by these conditions. On daily basis, the most common factor affecting fish activity is tide. Other factors mostly affect, once in a while. “WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO FISH”? is the question that every single angler asks. It is also another important point to be noted that, the different species of the fish having different patterns of activities. Like, in the case of catching the catfish having a giant flathead, then you cannot find it in the same location at the same time as in the case of bass having largemouth. On the other hand, you are going to do fishing, then there are two important things, that are very important to make sure of:

 1. Fish should be in the mood of biting.

2. Fish should be present there.


 As fish are cold-blooded mammals, so any temperature changes affect them. Because fish are sensitive to changes in temperature. To understand, what time of the day is probably the perfect time to do fish, we must take a look at how the temperature of water affects the fish activity from dawn to dusk or from season to season. 


 In the season of summer, the best times to fish are the “ late evenings” or “ early morning”.

Fish don’t like the warm water. So, in that case, the best time to fish is to take an early start. Because in summer, the water heats up very quickly. Around the afternoon, the sun shines at its peak, which makes the water warmer. So, in that case, the fish go at the depth of water, where the water is cooler as compared to the surface level temperature of the water. With a deeper level of water, the activity of fish becomes less, so we should avoid fish when there are extreme temperature ranges. The species such as sharks are said to be very active at evening times.


 In the season winter, the best times to fish are the “early afternoon” or “midday”.

In the case of ice-fishing, the winter is the perfect time to fish in the regions, where the climate is colder. Because in winter, the water is too cold and it slows down the activity of fish. Also, there is less availability of food in winter which affects the metabolism of fish too badly. So, to catch the fish in winter, one must take care of the time to fish. In the case of winter, the early morning is not a good choice to fish, because water is extremely cold from the nights. In the afternoon, the temperature of the water is somehow better and fish too ready to bite.


 The fall is considered the best time to fish.

In autumn, when leaves are ready to fall, it is said that if you manage your timing well, then it is the best time to fish around dusk. It is because, at dawn, fish are not very active, but they continue their feeding process still, to survive for the next winter that is coming after. So, you can choose the fishing trip in the late morning too. As during autumn, the day becomes shorter, so the fish “call it a day”. So, in that case, you will get a large number of hookups.


 The spring season, also consider the best time to fish.

In spring, the activity of fish is too fast. After winter, fish are coming to the upper surface of the water for the sake of feast. But still, the choice of time also consider. During spring, fishing can be hit or miss. The mornings during the spring season are too pretty and fresh and everything is on the edge of blossoming, likewise, fishing too. The best time to fish during spring is the late afternoon. Because at that time, there is a way a large number of insects in the surroundings, that fish cannot ignore.


 The tides are the major factor that affects fishing, this is because along with tides, millions of nutrients tend to move along too. So, this time considers being the feeding time for the fish. It is said that:

 “ The larger the change in tidal, the more the activity of the fish”.

But how we know when the tidal change is at the highest peak, so here is the answer: As gravitational pull of the sun and the moon, is the major cause of the tides. But majorly moon was involved in the tidal change. So, the new moon or the full moon represents knowing how bigger or larger the tide will be. 


 Different conditions of weather examined the best times to fish. In case if you live closer to the beach than to do fish, first of all, check the tidal calendar and preferred to go on the fishing trip when there is a larger change in tidal. This is because, in the case of tidal pull, the activity of fish is more.


 Be aware of the rainy season or heavy thunders, because this may reduce the number of hookups. So, it is preferable to always check the weather conditions before going on a fishing trip. 


Storms greatly affect the activity of the fish and increases the chance to catch the fish. During the storm or after the storm, the feeding rate of fish reduces. On the other hand, before the cold storm, the feeding rate of fish gradually increases. But in the case of a warm storm, the temperature of the surface water gradually increases, so the feeding rate decreases.

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